The Hill is Climbing

Wake up and take full advantage of friends, family, education, your spirt and health. None of this is easy, so lets help eachother out.

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Its Starting Soon!

Its Starting Soon!

Almost There

I am nearly a month away from leaving to New York for chiropractic school. I am excited and nervous at the same time because of the course work I have coming up. If there is anyone out there, PLEASE TELL ME I HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! In the mean time I am just a couple of weeks from seeing THE ONE! 

Keep it moving no matter what

Keep it moving no matter what

Harsh but true haha

Harsh but true haha

What am I doing?

How do you work this thing?  I obviously found out how to post something, but what about how to customize? I guess in due time I shall teach myself all of the tricks.  Hello tumblrs, my name is Brandon and I am trying to find a better hobby than reading statuses on facebook (dont have a twitter). I am almost done with my undergrad and the next step is chiropractic school. Sorry if I seem a bit prude, but I can not share all of my life on the first bate (blog/date), funny? Hope so.. Continue

Anyways I shall follow you and wonder about your thoughts that you have.  Hopefully this will be a good and romantic thing I have going with tumbling. Later


Somewhere like home, but not home.

If everyone were to give then in turn you would recieve. I just thought about that